The Year Ahead

I had the blessing to spend New Years Eve and Day with the sister of my soul and her family. We spent the evening reflecting on what God had done in 2017 and our thoughts for 2018 (as well as trying to sing some – er- interesting karaoke and sharing glasses of wine. The wine came first).

Truth: 2017 was a very blessed year for us with three major things of note – the year that I found my contentment and identity in Jesus, the year that K surrendered his life to Jesus, and the year that all three of us were baptized together.
God initiated such a change in my heart and brought peace and contentment that I have been lacking my whole life as He helped me to find my identity in Him. I am a stay at home mom – but not just that: I am redeemed.
Last year was especially to be remembered as the year K surrendered his heart to God after previously claiming that Marines don’t surrender. Guess what – God is a powerful God!
Our baptism as a family was special to me. I had previously always let pride stand in the way of me being baptized, but when I surrendered my self-identity and accepted what God did in me, I knew that it is only right to claim that publicly. And while I’ve always understood the symbolic nature to baptism, I did not expect to actually feel anything; however, I truly felt washed. There is power in these actions.

As an early riser, I had an hour alone on the first day of this year and felt a prompting to do something I’ve never done before: spend that time praying for and dedicating this entire year to God. Let me be honest — I’ve not had the capacity to pray for such a big span of time before. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a day-to-day basis with prayer just trying to get through life’s struggles, but  God is growing me past that and I believe that there will be power in this year in which I’ve begun fully committed to Him without any of my own desires or lack of faith tacking precedence. I look forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve in a year’s time and seeing what God as done with the specific prayers I’ve dedicated to the year!

       2018 Dedication:

  • Our finances
  • Our homeschool
  • A specific person not named for privacy’s sake
  • The ministry that God has laid on my heart

Not to mention that it be a year of intense prayer and storing God’s Word in my heart to truly change me from the  inside.


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